profile code;
I call it "a small box" ~
Those "pins" gained a lot of interest among my friends on last.fm so I decided to make something similar here, on livejournal, as a profile code.

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→ comment if taking please ←
→ please do not remove "profile" link from the code ←
→ fell free to edit it as much as you want ←

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because I need to finally move my lazy ass! XD

+ rules +
→ 3 requests per person;
3 icons or 2 icons and 1 header/banner;
→ pics must be in at least good quality;
→ it would be nice to precize how exactly you want to your graphics look like
(coloring,text etc. ,but it's not necessary, I can improvise with it myself XD)
the question is "do you trust me and will like my work haha XD")
→ be patient please :)
→ when it's done don't forget to upload it to your own hosting and credit me ♥