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1582 seconds

just some jpop & kpop graphic goodies :)

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asian related graphics ♥


→ welcome! looking for graphics? asian related graphics? great! :D
→ icons mostly,headers,banners,coloring tutorials etc. (I suck at big graphics,so no wallies,sorry ;3) - you'll find all of those here!
→ please comment if taking anything - it shows that you like me my work
→ CREDIT if using anything :) [as for other sites than livejournal I don't care as long as you won't claim them as yours]
→ I'll do graphics with celebrities I like,so if you don't have any common interests with me,then probably you won't find your fav artist here,sorry.
→ after one week post will be locked to 'members only'.
→ as you can see,I'm for now alone here so don't expect 38735890 posts per month.
→ why 1582 seconds? It's simple - I'm a Kamenashi Kazuya fangirl so the name is a combinations of '1582' and 'sixteen seconds' songs titles.
→ 90% of my photoshop abilities I owe to lostscene so don't forget to visit d_f_g for her awesome stuff ♥
→ have fun people and n'joy my work :)

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